Manny or A-Rod

By jason keen
Updated: February 4, 2009

ARod Vs. Manny! Who more valuable to their team…tell us!! – Watch more Funny Videos

Not that I agree that either one of these players are worth the type of money each has received throughout their career, I did want to decide which of the two deserves more money this upcoming 2009 season.

I will start with offense. In exactly 250 less at-bats, Ramirez has more doubles (79), rbi’s (119), walks (232), and a higher batting average (.314 to .306), on-base percentage (.411 to.389) and slugging percentage (.593 to .578) than Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has 161 more runs, perhaps due to his 246 additional stolen bases. However with those 250 additional at-bats Rodriquez has only 8 more hits, only 26 home runs, and only 26 fewer strikeouts (1667-1641).

Let’s look at the intangibles. More often, A-rod is better in the clubhouse, better with the media, and better with the fans. I guess we can blame it on Manny being Manny. And, although defense wins championships Manny is hands down the better of the two to get you to the championship. Manny’s post all-star statistics (avg, obp, slg)the past three four years is far superior than that of A-rod.

Manny .354 .446 .637
A-rod .301 .408 .579

And, lets not leave out the Playoffs…you wanna talk playoffs. Yea. In his last 44 at bats A-rod has 7 hits, 1 being a double and 1 being a home run. And, 15 being strikeouts. Manny has hit .300 or better in each of his last 4 playoff appearances. In those 141 at-bats in those 39 games, Manny has 30 runs, 53 hits, 7 doubles, 12 home runs, 41 rbis, 38 walks, a .376 batting average, and a .508 on base percentage.

Most would argue that what separates these two players is defense. With the exception of 2006 Alex Rodriguez has been one of major league baseball’s better third basemen. Ramirez finished 5th in fielding percentage this past year, was tied for 2nd in 2007 (with .990), and had a .989 in 2006. Although he may never save a run with his fielding I would not consider him a liability either.

If I were choosing which one of two should be the higher paid player this upcoming year I would have to go with Manny Ramirez. His offensive numbers, especially in crunch time and in the playoffs, are just plain better.

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