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By jason keen
Updated: December 12, 2008

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Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro must have been listening to Beyonce’s “Let me Upgrade You” when he finally decided to make the first big move in the off-season picking up Raul Ibanez from the Seattle Mariners. The Philliess could not have found a better fit for the five hole spot.

Batting behind cleanup, Ibanez has hit .316 the past three seasons. His power is respected enough for opposing pitchers to not walk Howard intentionally. And as for his hitting with runners in scoring position, in the past three seasons, Ibanez hit .321 with runners on base, .331 with runners in scoring position, and .340 with runners in scoring position with two outs.

But, you also want someone in the strikeout happy Phillies organization that can hit pretty good leading off the second inning if Howard ends the first. In the past three seasons Ibanez has hit .290 leading off an inning with 54 extra base hits in 421 at bats, and striking out in only 17% of his at bats. Burrell in 302 at bats hit .252 with 37 extra base hits striking out in over 25% of his at bats.

While Pat Burrell flirted on the .400 on base percetage line a fwe times in his career, in all reality, you do not want your 5 spot guy walking 125 times per year and leaving it up to your 6-9 guys to drive him in, especially when you factor in Burrell’s speed, or lack there of.

How does a player like Burrell reach the base more than 225 per year on average the past 5 years and only average 75 runs per year. Pat’s talents were overlooked and underappreciated as a Phillie and I am somewhat glas he will be able to showcase somewhere else. hopefully as a number 4 hitter. Meanwhile, Ibanez has averaged 90 runs per year.

And while we are on stadiums, let’s throw in park dimensions. Ibanez played at Safeco park whose power alley is 386 in right center field…Citizens Bank Park is only 369. So, all of that warning track power out in Seattle correlates to third row power in Phily.

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