Just Venting – w/o Coors Light

By jason keen
Updated: December 3, 2008

I have been listening to WIP for a straight week and every other caller is complaining about who is going to fill in the DH spot. “I don’t think it’s fair for the NL team.” “The AL team has a large advantage.” “Who are the Phills gonna start in DH against lefties?”

Before I retort, I would just like to thank the Boston Redsox for giving us the best chance we can to win the World Series. And, here is why. Both the Phillies and the Red Sox are going with a four man rotation. The Phillies are more balanced with two left-handers whlie the Rays only have one, Kazmir. And, if it were not for the Redsox taking it to 7, the Phills most likely would have faced a much tougher schedule.

As Joe Madden is hands down going to receive coach of the year honors in the American League he would have undoubtedly pitched Kazmir in game 2 and game 6 so the Phillies would have had to DH against a lefty twice. Kudos to the Sox for going the distance because now we will probably face Kazmir in game 1 away and game 5 at home.

Sure we are at a disadvantage in game 1 with Coste most likely DHing. But luckily for the Phills we have Hamels on the mound for game 1. If our ace does what he is supposed to do (and does what he had done the past three starts this post season) it should not matter who our DH is.
And, don’t you think that the Rays pitcher are at a huge disadvantage when they have to hit when the Phills are home. Garza, Shields, Sonnanstine and Kazmir have combined for 14 total at-bats this season…all during interleague play, all more than 3 months ago.

The Phills have the best road record in the NL at 44-37. The Rays have the best home record in the AL 57-24. The Phills have more runs 799-774, more doubles 291-284, more homers 214-180, and more total bases 2412-2341 then thier counterparts. The Rays have a better team era 3.82-3.88, more saves 52-47, and more shutouts 12-11. And, defesnively the two have the same number of errors and the same fielding percentage (although the tiebreaker would go to the Phills becuase the total chances were higher).

Both teams have depth in the bull pen and off the bench. This is going to be a close one but I’m predicting the Phills in 6.

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