Eaton Alive by Run Support

By jason keen
Updated: December 3, 2008

I am tired of hearing all of the hoopla about Adam Eaton being a terrible pitcher. Is he a little overpaid…yes but who isn’t these days. Should we throw him up on a Phillies crucifix just yet…no.

Let’s take a look at the Phillies 4th and 5th starters in Kyle Kendrick and Adam Eaton. Their pitching statistics are almost identical. Kendrick 14 games, 75 innings pitched, 87 hits, 38 earned runs, and 9 homers allowed. Eaton, 80 innings pitched, 84 hits, 41 earned runs, and 10 homers allowed.

And, we have all heard the whines of some fans of Brett Myers for not giving him run support, but no cries for the much deserved Adam Eaton. Eaton, who is receiving just 3.86 run support per game, has only pitched in 5 games in which the phills scored 5 runs or more. Kendrick, who is receiving a 5.69 run support (not including the 20 he received this past weekend) has received at least 5 in every start but 1, a 2-1 loss back in April.

So just for kicks, let us suppose that Manual started the year with Eaton as our 4th starter and Kendrik as our 5th starter. Let’s also assume that the Phills were to score the same amount in each game if the two were stiwtched. If these assumptions were true, the Phills would be 10 and 4 in Eatons starts and 4-7-3 in Kendricks. If Kendrick was given 4 runs of support (higher than Eatons 3.86 average) the Phills would be 3-6-5. If Eaton received 5 runs of support each game (lower than Kendricks 5.69 average) the Phills would be 11-2-1.

Would he be worth the $8 million then? Just some food for thought. Please stop complaining. We spent $10 mil for one win from Garcia last year.
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