Corey Koskie a Phillie?

By jason keen
Updated: December 3, 2008

With the Phillies incessant on pitching as their top priority, management remains unwilling spend top dollar on a high quality 3rd Basemen. And, lets be honest with ourselves because it does not take a sports genius (although Howard Eskine agrees) to realize that Mike Lowell had no intention on becoming a Phillie. It was nothing more then a free appraisal for the Red Sox to base his newly signed 3-year $37.5 million dear off of.

We all know Pat Gillick likes taking chances. Some pay off, some do not. This past season, J.C. Romero, Matt Dobbs, and Jayson Worth paid off. Wes Helms, Adam Eaton and Freddie Garcia did not. Unfortunately the salaries of Romero, Dobbs, and Worth ($2,835,000) was far exceeded by the $19,508,333 it cost to sign Helms, Eaton and Garcia.

So what 3rd Basemen can the Phills roll the dice on for relatively cheap this off-season…Corey Koskie. The Brewers who this past Friday declined his $6.5 million option for the upcoming season had no intentions of resigning Koskie because of Rookie Ryan Braun who hit .324 with 34 dingers and 97 ribbies.

Koskie who played a large roll in the Minnesota Twins successes a few years back missed half of the 2006 and the entire 2007 season because of the effects of a concussion suffered on July 5, 2006. But in the five years prior to becoming injury prone in 2005, Koskie averaged 79 runs, 134 hits, 32 doubles, 18 home runs, 75 runs batted in, 69 walks and a .278 batting average. And, his career .966 fielding percentage at the hot corner would have been 7th best this past season in all of baseball.

Koskie, known as a hard nosed ball player and clubhouse favorite has recently made a lot of progress with his post-concussion syndrome who in his opinion will be able to play this spring training. In an interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Koskie was quoted saying, “I’m probably 100 percent better then the last time you saw me. The funny thing about this injury is that I thought I was doing pretty good then.” Koskie also said that he no longer suffers from the normal headaches or dizziness, even after weightlifting.

Best case scenario, Koskie plays to his potential. Worse case scenario, he becomes a solid left-handed hitter off the bench that brings power to the plate. Gillick, the dice are in your hand.

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