Baltimore Orioles 2008

By jason keen
Updated: December 3, 2008

Name three pitchers on the team…matter of fact name one. There are few if any things to be happy about if you are an O’s fan. You can be happy about Ramon Hernandez’s career .314 CS%, or that Kevin Millar is only making $2.75 million this year. You could be happy about the play of Melvin Mora, Nick Markakis and Aubrey Huff. But then you realize Millar is washed up, Hernandez (40R in ’07) couldn’t make it home with GPS, Mapquest and a taxi driver who has never left Baltimore, and Mora, Markakis and Huff are the backbone of an entire franchise.

You could be could be happy about Brian Roberts finishing top 10 in the AL in walks (89) and stolen bases (50), but then you look at the rest of the team and see that they still managed to finish sixth worst in the entire MLB in walks. You can be happy about leading the majors in stolen bases only to find out that Baltimore no longer manufactures anything anymore including runs, managing somehow to finish sixth worst in the AL.

Cal Ripken, Jr
gets more TV time during an hour long SportsCenter then the entire O’s team combined appearing in commercials for Coke, Chevy, ReMax, Frito Lay, Trak Auto, and the lists goes on and on. I feel bad that you are in the top two toughest divisions in all of baseball. It is not as if you can hop in the car and go cheer for the Nats. One, it’s against your morals. And two, the Nats are in the other of the two toughest divisions in all of baseball. But hey, at least you guys still have crab cakes and football.
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